Children’s trains are the ideal attraction for all kinds of events such as street fairs, retail sales campaigns, museums, amusement parks and zoos and children's farms. The trains are compact and can pass through standard doors, which makes them suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. All of the trains you can hire from us are manned by drivers and there is no need to install any complicated tracks. In other words, the trains are ready-to-use for maximum fun. Request a free quote

Hiring a children’s train manned by a driver

Children’s trains are fun and highly accessible. There is something magical about them which speaks to a child's imagination. The trains look like traditional steam powered locomotives and they blow real, albeit environmentally-friendly smoke. The trains' traditional look, the music in the carriages and presence of a driver will ensure the children have a fun experience in a simple way.

It is also quite realistic. Your card gets stamped and the driver announces which stop you are at (depending on the event), so you know where to disembark. Just like in real life. So, would you like to organise a fun activity for the opening of your shopping centre? Would you like your zoo to be that little bit more dynamic? Could your museum use a little more life? Could the current train in your amusement park use a little extra help? If so, then the manned children’s trains from are the ideal original initiative.

Our children’s train visualized

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Technical information

The technical information about our children's trains can be very interesting, while deciding whether or not to make use of this transportation. That's why we sum up the most important information, so you know what to expect.


Safety is paramount in our children's trains. The children's train rides up to 6.1 kilometers per hour and features an ACS (anti-collision system). This means that it automatically blocks because of safety sensors or slows down when someone is standing in front or near the train. This makes the train very safe for the traffic surrounding it. Furthermore, the train has a secured connection, which makes it impossible for the wagons to get separated from one another and the locomotive. Because rubber strips are placed in the hinges of the doors, children’s fingers cannot get stuck. The doors come with locks, so they cannot just open. Finally, there is also a safety net mounted on the children's train, to maximize the safety of the children.


Parents who prefer to not let their children on the train alone can come along. Obviously this depends on the number of children and adults in the train. There can be about 24 small children in the children's train or 18 adults. It should be taken into account that no more than 204 kilograms can be transported per wagon.


The children's train is environmentally friendly. The train is electric and you can have years of pleasure with it. Charging the children's train takes 8 to 10 hours, which you can then drive for 15 hours outdoors or 20 hours indoors. In addition, there comes no real steam from the locomotive. The smoke does not pollute the environment and is odorless.


The children's train is equipped with various frames, which can be used for advertising purposes. This allows you to give the train a more individual appearance, which corresponds to the location or the occasion for which the train is being used.