Amusement parks

If you get a children’s train to drive through an amusement or theme park, this will give children the opportunity to have a lot of fun. A ride through the park, for example towards the playground (perhaps even taking in a bit of nature along the way) will ensure that children have an even better experience of the day. At the same time they can process all of the impressions they have gathered so far, while taking in the view.

Children’s trains definitely come in handy during high season, when you have a lot of visitors coming to your park. While your amusement park may very well have a train already, you can hire a children’s train in addition to the existing trains, to prevent long waiting times. The advantage of this is that visitors don't have to wait around as long and so they can enjoy many more activities while they are at the park. This means they can make the most of their time, while having a fun day that runs smoothly.

Another advantage of having an additional children’s train in your theme park is that you don't need to make a major purchase in one go that will only benefit you during high season. In fact, you only rent the children’s trains from us for a certain period of time. Plus, you can get your own trains spruced up or repaired so you won't end up having no train at all.

Whatever the case, children’s trains are a real asset to your amusement park!

Children’s train

  • Safe and sustainable
  • Advertising opportunities
  • Approximately 24 children
  • For in- and outdoor
  • Always with a driver

Children’s trains are the ideal attraction for all kinds of events such as street fairs, retail sales campaigns, museums, amusement parks and zoos and children's farms. The trains are compact and can pass through standard doors, which makes them suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. All of the trains you can hire from us are manned by drivers and there is no need to install any complicated tracks. In other words, the trains are ready-to-use for maximum fun. Request a free quote